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Field Service Management

Servicewire comprises of 3 modules - Field Activity Tracker, Service Management and Work Order Management. It's a mobile as well as web based solution with access given to users based on various roles.

App is turned on automatically when the mobile is turned on. It track's the Mobile asset in terms of Current location, Real time movement. Capture Distance Travelled by the app users.
Attendance for the site service users at each and every site they reach is monitored through login of the site engineers. 

Head Office users assigns periodic and non periodic tasks to field service users. The admin teams can add and modify the tasks. The field service users works on assigned tasks, update the tasks site based on the assignment date and the status with the photo.

Field Service Management is implemented with SLA & Priority for tickets assignment. Bucket is assigned to team with 3 levels of escalation management.

Work Order Management module allows the head office to release the work order/service order for various vendors. The admin have the option of changing the vendor details also before raising the order to the vendors. After raising the order from the application the vendor receives the order mail. The vendors are finalized based on the eligibility criteria.